Organizing Business Cards: Blissdom Contacts

As I mentioned previously, I’m going to the Blissdom Conference next week, and from what I’ve read on many blogs so far is that I can expect to be taking home a lot of business cards from new friends and contacts. I didn’t really want to have a business card holder busting at the seams or fill a large notebook full of business card sleeves in order to remember who’s who. So I came up with a simple solution for keeping the cards a bit organized for very little cost.Allison Worthington was kind enough to allow use of the Blissdom10 logo for this project, thank you Alli! You can print the images at the bottom of this post to make your own business card/contact organizer. And if you’re not going to Blissdom, this is a great way to also keep cards you pick up at events such as The Renegade Faire or other shows.

Using a repurposed purse section, I transferred the front and back images to leather following THIS simple information. In lieu of image-transferred leather, printing to cardstock works great as well. Or, if you’re out running errands, take your front and back printed cut-outs by FedEx/Kinkos and have them laminated. For the front and back pieces, I hole punched then added colored grommets.
Print divider cards to cardstock, trim out and label.As you collect cards, (and once you’re back to your hotel room), punch holes in the top centers, careful not to punch out any important contact information. (Don’t forget to pack your hole puncher in you luggage!) Add small notes with a permanent pen or attach a small post-it note to remember important points about your new contact. Of course, you could do all of this once you’re back home, but if you are anything like me, with so many peeps to meet, you’ll forget a lot the important details of your new contacts by the next day.String your cards onto a long ball chain or heavy string, placing dividers between sections. Use other items to divide cards such as paper key-tags.When the event is over and your sure you won’t be adding additional cards, trim the excess ball chain length and hook together, or if using string, knot the ends.
How easy was that?! Click on the images below for your free PDF digital downloads.

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