Crafting with Vintage Typewriter Paper

At every thrift store, garage sale or flea market, you can find me making a bee-line straight for anything that even closely resembles vintage office supplies. One thing I never pass up, if it’s priced right (and it usually always is), is vintage typewriter paper. You know, the parchment like stuff with the great pebbled texture that always has a giant watermark pressed into it. It’s a fantastic for lots of crafts, and in particular, simulating sewing pattern tissue.I used a couple of images I scanned from an old French mail order catalog for this simple idea. These images, which were part of the ordering information, were originally printed on a transparent, tissue-like paper, so you can see some show-through from the other side in my scans which is a major bonus in my book (at least for this project.) I printed the images to the typewriter paper, trimmed out and with spray adhesive, attached them to glass container candles and my glass canister of vintage spools. I love how the glow of the flame can be seen through the image.For the Printemps image, I printed it to plain paper for a more authentic label look. PLEASE use caution when crafting with paper and candles. Never allow your paper to be above the top edge of the glass container.

Here are the images for you to grab and make something with!

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