Bring a Friend to Blissdom10!


In two weeks, I am heading to the Blissdom Conference in Nashville. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about going, learning more about blogging, connecting with bloggers from all over, making new friends and meeting the ones that I have only known through the internet. The buzz is everywhere about Blissdom10, so much energy in the air about going. But, unfortunately, not everyone that wants to go CAN go for many reasons such as childcare, money, work, the conference sold-out, just to name a few.

My very dear blog friend, Cheryl, aka: TidyMom, wants to go SO bad, but it’s just not doable for her this year. In corresponding with her, she half-jokingly mentioned it would be nice if she could go as FLAT TidyMom and be there in spirit, (inspired by the Flat Stanley Project.) Well! Say no more, Cheryl! Because THAT I can do!!
So, TidyMom’s bags are packed, (read: she’s gettin’ folded) and WE’RE GOIN’ TO NASHVILLE!
Of course, I couldn’t stop with just taking her, she has to be dressed appropriately, right? I mean, consider the photo ops! I also made her a couple of conference day outfits, a cocktail dress, workout wear, and some jammies for movie night.FLAT FRIEND 1 ••••••••• FLAT FRIEND 2••••••••• FLAT FRIEND 3FLAT FRIEND 4••••••••• FLAT FRIEND 5 ••••••••• FLAT FRIEND 6

If you’re going to Blissdom and want to take along a blog friend that’s unable to make the trip, I’ve created PDF files of 6 bodies for you to download, one or all, make any color or design adjustments you’d like, (such as skin-tone or adding a blog/logo to the shirt and name to the event badge,) attach a head-shot before or after you print out onto cardstock, then fold and go!
Click on numbered text below images to access PDF files.

However, if you want to go to Blissdom10 and can’t, and don’t have anyone to take you flat- Make your own and send ’er to me, I’ll take you! Email me by Jan. 25 for details.

UPDATE! CLICK HERE to see the Flickr Group link to photos of Flat Friends @ Blissdom10!

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