Simple Leather iPod Touch/iPhone Case

Can you keep a secret? Santa’s been shopping at the Apple store. So I thought I’d help out with a few handmade stocking stuffers- iPod Touch cases. (My daughters are forbidden to look at my blog until after Christmas, so Shhh!) I searched online for a template, and when I couldn’t find any, I made one myself.The template (below in outline) is for using with heavy material such as repurposed purse leather like I use. Don’t use heavier leather or any material that cannot be doubled and run through your machine. Although I haven’t tried it, I imagine heavy wool felt would work very nice. A leather case can be plain or customized using graphics printed to iron-on transfer sheets for dark T-shirts. You may or may not want to add an optional loop for attaching fob hardware or tucking earphone cords into.Begin by trimming out the leather pieces based on the free PDF template pattern (Click on template for download.) If you’re good with design software, you can use the template shapes to mask a design for your iron-on transfers.
With your sewing machine on it’s slowest speed (I used the up down button on mine to go extra slow on the curves,) stitch the top area of the short front piece. I pulled the end threads through to the other side to hand knot.If you are adding a loop, stitch that to the longer back piece before joining front and back pieces. Finally, stitch a seam all around the two pieces, including the top area of the long back piece, careful to follow the seam allowance shown in the template for the best fit.
Here is the case I made for Sarah using her Vintage Monogram and free digital ornate book cover image.
For Jamie’s case, I modified vintage baseball images from Xander Graphic’s Etsy shop and added her name in the design.
Then I had some fun making two other iPeople cases with my free vintage group photo images and free digital vintage labels. And, feeling a bit gifty, I’m giving those two away! Wouldn’t one look fabulous with your name Sharpie’d on the label?So if you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone and need a case, or know someone who does, leave a comment that you are entering, and be sure there is a way for me to contact you by email if you win. Entries close end of 12/23 and I will draw the winner on Christmas Eve. In the meantime, if you’d like to make a people case yourself, here’s the free PDF download for those!For more tutorials and instruction on transferring images to leather, clickHERE.

UPDATE: Winners chosen! Congratulations to Melissa of Mel’s Own Place and Jenny, The Creative Crafter UK. Merry Christmas!! Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments, I’ll make more stuff to giveaway soon!

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252 Responses to Simple Leather iPod Touch/iPhone Case

  1. #1 - Samurai Mom says:

    What an awesome gift, your daughters are lucky girls. Seriously, the coolest thing ever!

  2. #2 - Kelsey Kim says:

    How cool, I wish my Mom knew how to make those. 😉
    Kelsey Kim

  3. #4 - Megs says:

    I am in love with those cases! oh my gosh! pick me!

  4. #5 - amyg says:

    Sooooo Cute! You are wonderfully gifted. Thanks for sharing.

  5. #6 - D says:

    Love it! Wish I had an ounce of your talent…..

  6. #7 - Mel says:

    You are the craftiest, most generous, lovliest blogger! (do I get extra points??)

    I love everything you do and would love one of these great cases for my iPod!

  7. #8 - Collette says:

    This is really amazing. Thanks so much for sharing it. I love the way your mind works.

  8. #9 - IRENE says:

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  9. #10 - Lululiz says:

    Totally unique, totally brilliant!

  10. #11 - greta says:

    Amazing! Your talents are endless! I love the ipod cases. Soon you will be making eyeglass cases. It will go on and on because your imagination never ends. Wonderful ideas on your blog. Oh, sign me up for the raffle. I'm already crossing my fingers! Have a great Holiday!

  11. #12 - Linda K. says:

    Very classy gifts! Who wouldn't be proud to have one? Clever idea, Cathe.

    Robin's Egg Blues

  12. #13 - brooklynechaos says:

    This is probably the most useful idea/tutorial I've seen in awhile. I have some amazing wool coats that beg to be cut up and two wonderful people [that own one of each contraption] that I haven't made gifts for yet. This is EXACTLY what I needed to read about. You're awesome! Thank you!

  13. #14 - Julie says:

    These are fabulous. Makes me want to fight with my machine and make one myself (if I'm not lucky enough to win). Thanks for sharing!

  14. #15 - Stacey says:

    Cathe, those are very cute. I don't have either device so don't enter me in the drawing but it did inspire me to think about making something for my own cell phone! I also wanted to add that I was always a peeker given the chance so I hope your daughters really don't look 😉

  15. #16 - Stephanie says:

    These are so fantastic!!! The graphics are beautiful. I would be thrilled to bits to win one!!

  16. #17 - Creative Crafter UK says:

    Wonderful work. I would love to receive one of these for Christmas as I've just got an ipod for my birthday. Your girls are so lucky – they're gorgeous!

  17. #18 - Abi says:

    These look WONDERFUL, You are so clever. My daughter has an itouch and I would LOVE to win one for her. Thanks so much and MERRY Christmas!!

  18. #19 - sjhackney says:

    Cathe, this is fantastic…count me in!! Sally

  19. #20 - e says:

    Wow, that is so awesome! What a great handmade item!
    Please enter me!

    spectraldrgn at yahoo dot com 🙂

  20. #21 - Magpie Magic says:

    I don't have an iPhone (maybe I shouldn't admit that publicly? LOL) but I still think these are fab. Great idea and I love the simplicity. Might be an idea to maybe have a toggle over the top so it won't slip out when the leather gets softer and stretches a bit from use.

  21. #22 - Brynwood Needleworks says:

    Hi Cathe! What a great idea. Your girls are going to love them! Thanks for sharing the templates and pattern.

    I recently used your Spencerian deer image for the front of a music program for our local orchestra. My DH thought the program looked quite elegant (instead of the kitchy ones with too many holiday images on the front). Thanks for helping me look good!

    Merry Christmas!

  22. #23 - Beth Scott says:

    This s great! I was having a hard time figuring out what to give my little brother! He would love one of these! What did you use to get the image onto the leather?

    Thanks again!

  23. #24 - Kahri says:

    Wonderful idea! And so beautiful! I would love to win one for my iPhone. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  24. #25 - Jill says:

    As always, wonderful! I would love to be entered.

  25. #26 - Faye says:

    You are so talented girl! Your daughters will be so happy with this! Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

  26. #27 - Melissa says:

    These are amazing! I love your creativity.

  27. #28 - casserole says:

    Okay, that's so cool it makes my phone-technology-hatin' self want to go get a fancy phone just to make the case!

    I featured your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  28. #29 - Scrap for Joy says:

    Your generosity is shown all year with all of the downloads you gift us with. These ipod covers are awesome and I would be the coolest Gram if I won one! (I love the one with the people on it!) Thanks Cathe and I'm wishing your family a Blessed Christmas.

  29. #30 - Abbie says:

    I absolutely love all of your ideas.. these are fabulous! Such lucky daughter's you have! 😉
    I might just have to get an Ipod Touch so I have an excuse to make the holder!
    🙂 Abbie

  30. #31 - Its So Very Cheri says:

    What a great idea-these look wonderful. I may have to try this–cases for glasses would be cool also. I would LOVE for you to share this idea on my party Monday-Its So Very Creative. The gals would love it and it bookmarks it for me to come back over for the details.
    I have had so many Google problems-and it isn't over-Google has no idea how to solve the problem.
    Sorry I haven't been by much-I decided after weeks and weeks of non-stop Google issues, I am throwing my hands up and making much needed visits.
    I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and hope you can come by for a visit.

  31. #32 - Donna says:

    I would LOVE to win one of those for my itouch! What a nice giveaway and tutorial! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

  32. #33 - Auntie Cake says:

    Lucky girls to have such a mom! Wow! They are great, much better than the ones my kids have. Wishing you all the best during this Christmas season, I still keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  33. #34 - Preserve Jewelry Studio says:

    I always read your blog with great interest. It amazes me the ideas that you come up with that are so original. I would love to win one. Happy Holiday to you and your family. I hope they love your gifts.


  34. #35 - Amy McCauley says:

    Fantasic. As a grapic designer, I love your blog where you combine cool graphic elements into real things!
    Merry Christmas!

  35. #36 - OfficeTYPE says:

    Oh my goodness – that is the most amazing present! You did an amazing job and thank you for the templates.

  36. #37 - LP Vintage says:

    Those are just fantastic!! You amaze me!

  37. #38 - Jo says:

    That looks gorgeous!!
    My sister just bought a new iPhone, she would love to have that:P

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. #39 - sara jane says:

    Wow! those are soooo cool. If I don't win one, I'll be making myself one for sure – after the holidays.

    sara jane

  39. #40 - Silsine says:

    Its amazing. I want one. THanks for the oportunity

  40. #41 - Lindart says:

    These are GORGEOUS!! I would love to have one!!

  41. #42 - Virginia Burnett says:

    You are the coolest. Someday I hope I can figure out how to create AND blog And run my small business AND keep my family fed.

    I don't have an i-phone, but my sister does and she would love one of you cases. Please sign me up for your drawing!


  42. #43 - Lisa says:

    These are beautiful – and I just bought an ipod for my hubby! This would be a great stocking stuffer to go with it!

  43. #44 - Pip says:

    These cases are so cute! Thanks for the inspiration.

  44. #45 - Lisa says:

    Where do you come up with your ideas??? do you sleep at all?? amazing and useful and original… I could go on and on. I love your ideas. and your generous to boot! Thank you for the contest.

  45. #46 - druga szesnascie says:

    you really amaze me…
    I fell in love with the ones with b&w photos…

  46. #47 - BriBedell says:

    My iphone would look pretty cute in one of those 🙂

  47. #48 - Melissa says:

    Great idea! I bought myself a touch for Christmas. Sometimes you just have to do that to get what you want. I craft but never have much time to make things for myself. Would love to win your case because who knows when I'll get to make one. Love it.

  48. #49 - Abby says:

    Oh. my. stinkin'. word! I LOVE them! So awesome! I've been searching for a cute "me" iphone cover. Thanks for the uber cool chance to win!!!!

  49. #50 - Molly says:

    I really love these! I'm entering to win (and I really hope I win), but if I don't, then I'll have to try out the pattern… this will likely be cute in felt as well, with embellishments….


  50. #51 - Ashley Harris says:

    What a great gift idea! I love this!!

  51. #52 - stamprgrl says:

    oh my, they are lovely and DH just got a new ipod touch and he would love one of those covers. He loves everything hand made.

    — dalis

  52. #53 - Ruth Rae says:

    love the printing on leather! your cases are outstanding! would love to have one!

  53. #54 - Andrea Brown says:

    Love the ornate book cover case! beautiful! I would love to have a case for my new itouch! 🙂

  54. #55 - emjay-dee says:

    *Quite* nice — you can count me in for the contest!

  55. #56 - Mollie says:

    I'm pretty sure santa's bringing one of these for me, so a case would be perfect! mollieapayne at

  56. #57 - The Perfect Trio says:

    You are SO talented!!! If I had the talent that you hold in only your pinky…. :o)

  57. #58 - Jane says:

    This is an amazing project. Thank you for sharing!

  58. #59 - cindi says:

    You are so clever and creative. I'm sure each and every one will be appreciated and loved.

  59. #60 - Peglett says:

    My ipod touch would love to have a home like those! If I don't win one I think I'll knit up some wool and felt it to make myself a warm woolie one.

  60. #61 - The Lone Dollier says:

    Oh wow, yes please enter me. I know someone that this would be a great "Thank You" gift for!


    PS. In the meantime, I'm going to see if I can't alter it to fit my Samsung Eternity. It's almost the same size. Plus I have a Blackberry for work that needs a cover.
    Thank you for sharing!

  61. #62 - Cathy says:

    Great project. I've never worked with leather but this might be the time to try it.

  62. #64 - veronica says:

    i love your print on leather, i didn't know it was possible to print something like this at home. is it?

  63. #65 - krmccord says:

    I love these!! I would love to win too b/c I don't think I am talented enough to make one. Right now my iPhone lives in a koozie in my purse. It's lame. This would be so much cuter!!!!

  64. #66 - Jen says:

    oh my ipod would just love to be all snuggled up in one of those! Please enter me in the giveaway! Also you can use regular iron on transfers for leather? Thanks!

  65. #67 - CitricSugar says:

    Those are just incredible.

  66. #68 - Cathe Holden says:

    Veronica, I just added a link at the VERY bottom of the post to show other tutorials on transferring images to leather. Here it is again:

  67. #69 - Shelly B. says:

    This is AWESOME! Pick me! Pretty please!

  68. #70 - Fair says:

    Wow! So great. I want one!

  69. #71 - dominique eichi says:

    Wow……….. such a great idea.
    artbydominique at yahoo dot com

  70. #72 - The Feathered Nest says:

    You are amazing Cathe…simply amazing! Another precious gift from your fingertips….I hope you are doing good sweet friend ~ wishing you a wonderful Christmas…hugs and love, Dawn

  71. #73 - Gwen says:

    Oh my, those are beautiful! I have never been brave enough to sew with leather and I had no idea that you could do transfers on it.

  72. #74 - Jackie says:

    When I got my iPod Touch I looked at tons of cases and never saw any as awesome as these. My Touch would love a home like that!!!

  73. #75 - Rachel says:

    How cool! My daughter would love one of these. She recently LOST her iPod Touch… it is just the saddest thing for her… but I might (wink wink) pick her up another one for Christmas. If Santa says she's been good, that is.

  74. #76 - MiA says:

    OMG! For sure I would love to have such a gorgeous iphone-case!!


  75. #77 - chatdumpgirl says:

    omigosh omigosh omigosh!!!! I love these!!!!! I have to try them!!!!!! thank you!

  76. #78 - Centsational Girl says:

    My dear, you NEVER cease to amaze me. Oh, to have 1% of your graphic art skills in my pinky. I am loving this project and hoping I can win one of these… your girls will be delighted !

  77. #79 - Ashley says:

    Fab!!!! Now I just need an iphone!!!

  78. #80 - Christie says:

    I love these! You are just so creative. I would have never thought you could use transfer paper on leather. Your girls will love them, especially since they are one of a kind.

    Thanks so much for the templates and hope you have a joyous Christmas and New Year!

  79. #81 - Cara says:

    Seriously that is the best idea I have seen floating around blog world- I would love to win one because I am pretty sure I couldn't pull it off, even with instructions.

  80. #82 - says:

    These are awesome! You are so creative. I have an iphone and could really use one of these!

  81. #83 - littlethings1 says:

    Those are just fabulous ! Can you either adopt me or let me win ! If not I will have to make one myself , love the photos on the case !

  82. #84 - Evidence of an Artistic Life says:

    I love this! I would love to win one for my daughter-I am going to make use of your patterns, too!!

  83. #85 - Jeanne says:

    Oh my goodness – these cases are fabulous! I'd love to win one of them:) Thanks so much for your generosity.

  84. #86 - Amy says:

    These are amazing gifts. I adore your tutorials!

  85. #87 - Kaye Prince says:

    This is awesome Cathe! Alex just got an iPod Touch for Hanukkah and doesn't have a case. I'm planning on making him one, but I'm sure he'd like to have two!

  86. #88 - Found & Made Designs says:

    So creative! My mom would love one of these for her new iphone 🙂

  87. #89 - Found & Made Designs says:

    So creative! My mom would love one of these for her new iphone 🙂

  88. #90 - Gayle says:

    Oh MY! I have an iPod on my Christmas list and would LOVE to have a nice new case to protect it! These are totally awesome!

  89. #91 - Elizabeth says:

    I always love seeing what you're up to on here. Thanks for the giveaway. If I don't win I might have to make one for myself.
    Merry Christmas!

  90. #92 - Princess of Everything (and then some) says:

    WOW! I am #91 in comments! You daughters are going to love them!!!! I wants me one!

  91. #93 - xashee's corner says:

    you are so creative! Thank you for sharing this tut!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! 😀

  92. #94 - cakegirl says:

    I am constantly amazed at your talent. These are awesome and I would be thrilled to win one. Thanks for your generous giveaway.

  93. #95 - Sarah says:

    Oh wow, I love it!!

  94. #96 - Paul Overton says:

    Cathe – Those are super sweet. So, you cut the iron on the same size as the template?

  95. #97 - Catherine says:

    These are awesome – love all the things you post here!

  96. #98 - Zingo Tots says:

    This is soooo cool! I just purchase a couple of Ipod Touchs myself and need cases! Would love to enter your giveaway! What is even cooler is I just came to your site to look at the vintage people stationary how to as I am making it for Christmas gifts! You rock! Happy Holidays!

  97. #99 - Kim @ NewlyWoodwards says:

    These are amazing. Thanks for sharing. =)

  98. #100 - Debra says:

    These case are all really nice they are all very pretty. I don't know which one I like best.

    Thank you

  99. #101 - Monika says:

    If I don't win, I'll have to thrift store hunt some leather and make one of these quickly. Love it.

  100. #102 - Allyn Wise says:

    I just found your site a few weeks ago and get so excited when I see a new posting in my Google Reader. You keep me entertained during 2am feedings. Thank you!!!

  101. #103 - FleaMarketTrixie says:

    Awesome as always. Like I've said before, how is it that you don't have your own TV show.
    You're amazing and love how you always share with us. Merry Christmas.

  102. #104 - FILIGREE MOON says:

    Absolutely amazing ~ you and your creations! So generous. Thank you, Cathe. I have those same images from Xander Graphics. Awesome shop! Have a warm and lovely weekend! ~ Angeal

  103. #105 - Lauren says:

    ~I just stumbled across your blog and love it! I'm adding myself to your following list. Please enter me in your drawing! The cases are so adorable!~


  104. #106 - Sharrieboberry says:

    I'd love an ipeople ipod case. My dad makes copies of the many panoramic class photos and frames them with distressed wood for friends and family. I love those photos!

    Thanks for sharing with one lucky winner! (me?) s(dot)ely(at)tx(dot)rr(dot)com

  105. #107 - Lynn Osborne says:

    These are so cool. Santa is bringing an itouch to our house this Christmas. I would love to win!

  106. #108 - Bianca J says:

    Aw, they look amazing! So professional 🙂 I'd love to gift one to my mum.

  107. #109 - Maggie says:

    Beautiful crafting, Cathe! You are so clever. I'd love to win one!

  108. #110 - 32˙North says:

    These are so great! You've totally outdone yourself!

  109. #111 - Princess Danell says:

    Fantastic ipod cases! Now I have a challenge. Several family members have Kindles (those awesome electronic readers from Amazon). I'd like to see a cool cover/cozy for one of those. How about it?

  110. #112 - Natalie says:

    Great idea. My husband has an iPod touch that he keeps hinting at that he needs a durable case for. These look perfect!

  111. #113 - Peggy says:

    What cool cases! I recently found your blog and I'm loving all your things you make. I'd love to have a case like this for my ipod touch.

  112. #114 - Christian says:

    I just enjoy reading your blog, thank you for sharing so much of your creativity!

  113. #115 - Alycat says:

    My husband would LOVE one!
    I love your blog!!

  114. #116 - Alycat says:

    ooops…here's my email:

  115. #117 - Stephanie says:

    Thank you for the tutorial, my son is getting his first Ipod touch this Christmas. I think I can do this!

  116. #118 - Kelly Fletcher says:

    Just found your blog – fantastic. Will definitely be back. Love the leather iPod covers…

  117. #119 - Tita Mama says:

    Great and beautiful ipod cases. Just what I need.

    phallman at charter dot net

  118. #120 - Artsy Aut says:

    These cases are great! My phone needs one!!

  119. #121 - Lee W - The Way I See It says:

    Cathe- you never cease to amaze me! I love the cases- count me in! And thank you for all of the great freebie images and tutorials!! Merry Christmas.

  120. #122 - Meredith says:

    Goooorgeous! And guess who *just* got an iPod touch during early east-coast family Christmas yesterday! And was just commenting to her hubby how she needs a case! Tres chic! And I really like the idea of repurpousing purse leather! Go green!

  121. #123 - SuZeQ says:

    Oh yes, count me in … I know several people that would be happy to find this under their tree.

  122. #124 - seastararts says:

    I asked for an iPod touch for Christmas! At least if I win your case (hint hint) I will have a reason to go buy one if Santa doesn't come through for me! Happy Christmas! Thanks for making us smile! xo-jeni

  123. #125 - gdyup says:

    What a great idea!


  124. #126 - Tracey says:

    You Rock! Those are incredible and so unique. Way better than something you buy at the store. My husband really liked them as well!

  125. #127 - Roberta says:

    You are so clever…I'd love to win one of these:} Please let me know if I win by commenting on my blog or email:

  126. #128 - Lumilyon says:

    These are amazing! I have been looking everywhere for an iPhone case that I like and here are four! I have EVERYTHING crossed!

  127. #129 - Emily says:

    wow, those cases are awfully lovely! the vintage group photo you used works beautifully, especially the one of the people standing up! I would really love to win one!

  128. #130 - Sherry Goodloe says:

    That is just the COOLEST gift to give someone! I don't have the iPod Touch OR the iPhone, but I know someone I would LOVE to give this to if I am the lucky winner!!

    BTW . . . What a wonderful blog you have!

  129. #131 - You have stepped into Lilyworld. says:

    Those are just so cool!

  130. #132 - Traci says:

    super cool! thanks!

  131. #133 - Chelsea says:

    I want one! I might have to make one for my husband, too, though.

  132. #134 - Niesz Vintage Home says:

    Those are fantastic! How cool!
    I don't have an ipod, but I'm tempted to get one just so I can try this project.
    Love the idea of recycling old purses for the leather, too.

    Kimberly 🙂

  133. #135 - Anonymous says:

    girl…1st…you are boys would be lookin!!!

    2nd…you should be pattoning it and selling them!!!!!
    (ok..I've said that on a million of your other creations too) You are just wicked talented!
    Merry Xmas Holdens!

  134. #136 - Sono-Ma: Holly White-Wolfe says:

    Cath – you should go professional! If only Steve Jobs knew anything about the world of crafting, you'd have about a zillion orders for your adorable phone covers.

    I also took a brief minute to photo some of my creations and reflect on the creativity I'm pouring into this hand made holiday season. Let me know what you think!

  135. #137 - Sono-Ma: Holly White-Wolfe says:

    Cath – you should go professional! If only Steve Jobs knew anything about the world of crafting, you'd have about a zillion orders for your adorable phone covers.

    I also took a brief minute to photo some of my creations and reflect on the creativity I'm pouring into this hand made holiday season. Let me know what you think!

  136. #138 - Connie says:

    These are great! Such a clever idea. I would love to have one of these. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  137. #139 - mab says:

    These are beautiful! They are really professional, too. I would love to win one! But, if I don't, I'll be on the lookout for some leather to work with myself….

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

    lalestyleshop (at) gmail (dot) com

  138. #140 - A Southern Accent says:

    Oh my, those are beautiful! You should sell these on Etsy for sure!

  139. #141 - Jennifer Emick says:

    Super cute, I'd love one.

  140. #142 - Angela Scrofano says:

    This is sooo cute!! Your girls are very lucky!!!!

    Angela S.

  141. #143 - Karen says:

    I tried to read through and see if I saw the answer to my question; did you actually iron on the image to leather? I love it, however you did it, and I feel lucky, since this week I won a door prize somewhere for a giant sized remote control! And Ipod case would make me feel younger than a giant sized remote would lol. Thanks so much for all you share! Karen

  142. #144 - onawhim says:

    These are beautiful and I'd be honored to be entered in your drawing. Merry Christmas!

  143. #145 - Lauren says:

    Been looking for a great case for my new ipod touch and this one is awesome!

  144. #146 - Stacie says:

    I don't have an iTouch, but my hubby does…what a great excuse to "borrow" his!

  145. #147 - Betz White says:

    Cathe, Those are amazing! You do such a beautiful job and you are generous to boot!

  146. #148 - kat says:

    very nice.
    yes, wool felt works – i used it for my cell phone's case.

  147. #149 - Tanja says:

    Hi! I'd love to enter your contest! I don't have an Ipod touch or an Iphone, but my boyfriend of 3 years do, and he desperately need a case as beautiful as this! I consider it the perfect gift.

    Being an exile Swede in Oslo, Norway (the proably most expensive city in the world) and with VERY limited skills in graphic design, and computers in general for that matter, I follow your blog daily. Always an inspiration.

    Have a nice Christmas!
    / Tanja, Oslo

  148. #150 - megnificentmade says:

    Ohthis look like a really exciting project! I cant wait to try it!

    thanks for the tut!

  149. #151 - C says:

    Beautiful! I wish that I weren't away from my sewing machine right now!

  150. #152 - denise says:

    These are great!! your daughters' will be thrilled.

  151. #153 - Vickie says:

    Whoopee! More things to try to make before Christmas! You are so inspiring….

  152. #154 - Erin Woolsey says:

    awww sighh, these are so creatively fresh, beautiful, and practical. A nice flare to the everyday accessory/necessity. Once again, you are a genius!!

  153. #155 - nycdesigner says:

    Great project. I've been using a sewn leather iPhone case I made a while ago, but it's not as "designed."

    My question about the transfers is: Are you basically covering the surface entirely, and just printing background colors, and trimming the edges so the leather and decal are flush? Doesn't this sort of make the leather into a sort of "pleather" with the decal bring vinyl and limiting the original leather's suppleness?

    Curious what you thought about that.

  154. #156 - Eates-A-Lot says:

    This is the coolest craft that I've seen in a long time. I love it. What a great idea.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I'm totally going to attempt to make one of these… that is.. if i have too! 😉 Merry Christmas!

  155. #157 - Karen says:

    You have some of the best tutorials and diys…love your site! Hope I get to win one of your iPod cases!

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  160. #162 - kathi says:

    these are really cute. what a great gift idea.

  161. #163 - happy2teach says:

    What a great idea. You are very gifted. Thanks for the patterns. Though I have some old purses I'm not sure they are the right weight for these cases. Our daughter is getting Touch for Christmas. I would love to be able to give her a case.
    Merry Christmas!

  162. #164 - Movie Maven says:

    Great idea – and great photos! Consider me entered!
    moviemavengirl [at] gmail [dot] com

  163. #165 - Sarah says:

    If Santa shopped at the apple store for me, I think I will be making this as well.

  164. #166 - gretchen says:

    what a nice idea that can be made into a personal gift. thanks for posting the know-how!

  165. #167 - Amanda says:

    While relaxing in bed with my husband (as he was reading an old-fashioned book and I was reading your blog on my new iPhone), I sat bolt upright with a "this is the coolest thing ever!!!" when I saw this post. I love the juxtaposition of old and new–who in those vintage photos would have ever imagined such a thing as an iPhone?! And I know your daughters will love their gift and treasure the time and thoughtfulness that their mom put into it.

    So, yes, please enter me in the drawing! I would love to own such a lovely piece from such a talented craftsperson!


  166. #168 - Anna says:

    I'm waiting to see if i win before i start making one. Although i already have in mind what old bag to deconstruct. Thank you.

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    anira.angel[at] 🙂

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    Cathe I would love to win for my new IPhone…..and my son is getting an Ipod Touch so either one of us could fight over it! LOL
    You are just truly amazing! I love to come to your blog to see what you are up too, which is always something magical!
    Hope your family has a fantastic holidays….

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    Very neat! I LOVE the people case! It's so cool.

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  178. #180 - Kathy @ says:

    Lovelovelove this!! I am entering with fingers crossed 🙂 Please contact me at

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    ::headed out to the thrift store::

    Thanks so much for the idea, and the links to the wonderful design images!

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    Thank you for the tutorial and sharing so much!

    mblaise29 at yahoo dot com

    (left out my email by mistake previously)

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    You are sooooo talented, you make me sick! ;-> This has got to be the best handmade gift. If perhaps I don't win one from you, I may be forced to figure out my sewing machine so I can make one for myself and hubby. Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas. Best wishes for a lovely holiday.

    flwave (at) gmail dot com

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    Please put my name in that drawing!!! and i am going to go and download the templates now too!
    Good winds!

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    I really like Sarah's one.

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    This may be one of the coolest things you have ever made…and that is saying a LOT! AMAZING! Count me in, because I can't sew, so I can't make my own! 🙂

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    I'm in awe of your wonderful ideas! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  194. #196 - Marissa says:

    Cathe, your projects never cease to amaze me! They make my heart race, in the best way. Merry Christmas!

    PS: Please sign me up for the giveaway!

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  196. #198 - The Irish Poodle says:

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  197. #199 - Jo says:


    really these are stunning…you should send these to APPLE so many people would love this!!!!

    I am in love

  198. #200 - myskyblue says:

    So cute! This is a really creative idea and I like the leather. There's not too many cute iTouch cases out there I've discovered.

  199. #201 - Michelle Sanders says:

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    You can twitter me at @dentednj

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    Oh My Goodness, how did you get so talented! You should sell these. Really, you should. Let me know if you do decide to! Maureen

  205. #207 - angldyknip says:

    I came upon your site today and when I saw your iPod/phone case my heart almost stopped.For anyone that makes or buys crafts, you know the feeling of longing, salivating and finally wishing to posess the article.Well, now that would be I.As Meredith in Grey's Anatomy so famously said in an episode:"Pick Me, Pick Me.

  206. #208 - Cathe Holden says:

    Ben Colage said…

    I love the designs! How much are they to buy?

    Sorry Ben. I only made the cases for fun, not for sale. They are really, really easy to make once you gather your supplies. I promise!

  207. #209 - Jenny says:

    what a lovely idea! And yours look so incredibly beautiful!

  208. #210 - rachael says:

    ooh ooh pick me PICK ME!


  209. #211 - Kim says:

    What a clever girl you are. I love these and thanks for the tutorial. I think I may even have some leather scraps to try my hand at it if I'm not lucky enough to win.

  210. #212 - Sarah Doyle says:

    Well, I've missed out on the drawing, but still want to pass this super tutorial along to our readers at blog. Thanks for the info!

    Sarah J Doyle blog

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  212. #214 - A glance at my world says:

    Wow! Those look so amazing!

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  214. #216 - iPhone 3G Stands Reviews says:

    Amazing ! Creativity and talent has no borders. I want one of these iPhone cases.

  215. #217 - Anonymous says:

    I would like to give my thanks to you for posting this along with taking the time to digitize the pattern. I have since made two with your base design and would love to email the pics to you to see what you think. again many thanks.

  216. #218 - Elena says:

    Thank you very much for your fantastic tutorial!
    If do you like see my Ipod case you visits mine blog here
    Bye, Elena

  217. #219 - עינת says:

    greAt tut! thanx! i have a Q though… i tried to sew but for some reason the 2 pieces came out not straight…hoe did u sew it together?

  218. #220 - Cathe Holden says:

    עינת 12 said… i tried to sew but for some reason the 2 pieces came out not straight…hoe did u sew it together?


    Next time try using tape to hold the two pieces together and to keep them from shifting. If you are using a transfer on the leather, don't ruin it with tape. Either roll a piece of tape and stick to the inside, or use a small amount of adhesive to glue the pieces together near the edges where the needle won't go through and it won't glue the cavity for the iPod. I hope that helps.

  219. #221 - עינת says:

    thanx for the idea! i will try it tommorow, thanx for the quick reply!

  220. #223 - Peaches says:

    Are you kidding me!! WHY OH WHY did I not see this in November? I could have made these for Xmas gifts. Dozens. Now I’m just plain mad! Why am I the last person on earth to find your site. My goodness what have I been missing. Well, better late than never, right?
    I have joined the party and will be back soon!

  221. #224 - Linda Sartin says:

    What a wonderful use for an old family photo. Thanks!

  222. #225 - laurie foster says:

    Can you please email me the PDF file for the picture and pattern for the icase? The PDF files are not working.
    Thank you so much.

  223. #226 - Kailee McGrew says:

    I LOVE these! I’m going to attempt to make one for my fiance for christmas. I would love one of your creations for myself though!

  224. #228 - Mike says:

    Can someone email me the template?

  225. #229 - wendy says:

    I can’t believe how gorgeous your stuff is. I didn’t see a single thing I didn’t like. I wasn’t able to get the template, but I am hoping to duplicate this with my own measuring/tracing of an iphone. Thank you for the inspiration!

  226. #230 - Dianne says:

    Hi Cathe:
    I just discovered your site through a google search while looking for ideas for making an IPhone case. I love your idea- so creative and way nicer than store bought cases. I’m planning on making one with a beautiful burgundy vinyl fabric that I got for cheap in the remnants section at Joann’s. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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    What a neat gift. My hubby just got a new Ipod Touch. Need to make him one of these pouches for him for Christmas. I’d still like to win one of yours though.

  231. #233 - Sarah says:


    I am looking to have a piece of art/photo printed onto a leather ipad case/stand or onto a high quality leather notebook.

    This means having either made bespoke for me. Do you know anyone who can help me? I may be able to find someone who can make the case but the leather printing is proving tricky. I would be grateful for any suggestions

    Kind regards

  232. #234 - Pedro Albornoz says:

    How did you transfer the images onto the leather?

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    xo Julia

  240. #236 - leather case says:

    Thanks for sharing,Can you share some video link of these cases applications?

  241. #237 - Carolyn Ferris says:

    Hi Cathy: I’m trying to find someone who can print full color art on leather for iphone covers. I have been assigned for about 20 artists, each probably starting with 20 images. Also, would need a sample to bring before a board. Yours look very quality produced. And you are in Petaluma, I’m in Fairfax!!

    Please let me know if this is something you can do.

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  244. #238 - Shari says:

    Are you able to provide a tutorial on how to use the template shapes to mask a design for the iron-on transfers? I have the software you use, but would love some instruction on how you do it!

  245. #239 - anthony says:

    great job!!! I learn more and more on this computer.

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  247. #240 - mehmet ziya seydioglu says:

    Hi! I’m mehmet. I saw your site. very nice. greetings from Turkey. 🙂

  248. #241 - syl says:

    Those cases are fantastic. The recipient will be so pleased. Personalizing makes it special. I came to you page when I googled information on whether or not Picture This, the transfer medium works on vinyl. I’m assuming it will since it works on leather but I plan to test it first.