Ornate Book Cover

I came across an incredibly ornate antique book cover to share with you. I ran it through Photoshop to mess around with colors. There’s so many possibilities with such a pretty piece. Enjoy!

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60 Responses to Ornate Book Cover

  1. #1 - Evidence of an Artistic Life says:

    This book is beautiful! Thank you so much!!

  2. #2 - Mary says:

    This is gorgeous – THANK YOU!!!

  3. #3 - TheresainMS says:

    Lovely; thank you so much!

  4. #4 - Aelwyn says:

    These are so cool! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  5. #5 - KINHA says:


    Gostei muito de seu blog, pois tem posts inteligentes e belas imagens.
    Se quiseres me seguir,te seguirei também.Espero sua visita.

    FELIZ NATAL e que 2010, seja o melhor ano de sua vida!!!


  6. #6 - Joy says:

    How gorgeous in all its incarnations!

  7. #7 - GrannySmithGreen says:

    Stunningly beautiful. Thanks!

  8. #8 - xashee's corner says:

    So COOL! thank you for sharing! 🙂 Have a GREAT evening!!

  9. #9 - ArtSnark says:


  10. #10 - Norma says:

    photoshop is so hard for me but i love what you can do with it. just love.

  11. #11 - EmandaJ says:

    Hello Cathe,

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for making such beautiful things and what's more — sharing them with us!


  12. #12 - Stacey says:

    I got a beautiful book at an auction over the summer and wondered what I could do with it. It's really, really old! I think I'll scan mine for everyone to enjoy too. I don't know how to change it with PS, maybe someday I'll learn that feature. I'll send you a note when I get it done, as it will be a few days before I have the time. (plus remembering WHERE I put it! lol) I always enjoy your post! Thanks for sharing as usual! Hugs~Stacey

  13. #13 - prutsels says:

    They are wonderful, thank you!

  14. #14 - Sarah says:

    These are so pretty!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. #15 - SharDon Exclusives says:

    Cathe, this book is lovely. I would love to know how you changed the colors from purple to green etc. I can't remember from my photoshop classes. That happens when you get old…lol
    Thank you,

  16. #16 - Zom says:

    blog header!!!

  17. #17 - Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ says:

    THANK YOU…have no idea what I might use this for or when, but I HAD to save it.


  18. #18 - ECLECTICMIXUP says:

    Wonderful colors! Such a detailed piece.
    Thought I would pop on by and make sure your coping okay, keeping yourself busy with work I think is a good way to cope. Take care.
    Carol F

  19. #19 - D. says:

    WOW this is gorgeous! Thank you so very much for all the inspiration.

  20. #20 - Household 6 says:


  21. #21 - My name is PJ. says:

    This is over-the-top gorgeous, yet somehow just the right amount of handsome as well.

    You would laugh your butt off if you could see the file on my hard drive that is filled solely with all your generously shared and masterfully created works of art. Can I do anything with them? OF COURSE NOT! I am not THAT person.
    That being said, I have a new approach I'm going to try: begging. 😉

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE make me one! (OOPS- forgot to preface this by saying I will pay for any and all things I beg for…."Buying" -that's what I do.

  22. #22 - Françoise says:


  23. #23 - Dayhomemama says:

    Wow, those are just gorgeous!!!

  24. #24 - FleaMarketTrixie says:

    Those are gorgeous, my favorite is the last one. Thanks for sharing Cathe.

  25. #25 - Michele-thisgoodday says:

    Cathe, you are generous to share, as always. Thank you!

  26. #26 - Scrolls Work Rubber Stamps says:

    I just love this!! Thank you for sharing!

  27. #27 - The Lone Dollier says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. What a great cover you found.


  28. #28 - Kathy-Catnip Studio says:

    YES! Thank you for such a gorgeous cover, and the extra work to recolor it!

  29. #29 - dustypenny says:

    Wow, very pretty Cathe!

  30. #30 - Ann says:

    Cathe, I left you something on my blog. I don't know if you acknowledge "awards" but I couldn't make my list without including Just Something I Made!

  31. #31 - AmyB says:

    GORGEOUS! You are so generous to us! – Amy Bauer

  32. #32 - Angela Noelle says:

    I adore you.

  33. #33 - ThessalyRose says:

    How did you KNOW I was going to make some miniature books soon??? These are perfect! Thank you muchly!

    And the one that says "Incredibly Ornate Antique Book Cover" cracked me up. Thanks for sharing!

  34. #34 - Roberta says:

    Wow…just love all of these…thanks so much for sharing…you are so generous:}

  35. #35 - Pink Granite says:

    Thank you for your talent and your generosity!
    – Lee

  36. #36 - brooklynechaos says:

    Thank you they're beautiful!

  37. #37 - Janee says:

    Thank you Cathe! They're beautiful. 🙂

  38. #38 - Limar says:

    Ooh, beautiful! Thanks so much 🙂

  39. #39 - Shirley says:

    Thank you! These are gorgeous! 😀

  40. #40 - debbie says:


  41. #41 - Redfish Artwork by Vickie Fisher says:

    OMG, just found your blog! I love it! And I love these books. Thanks for sharing….I'll be following you!

  42. #42 - Mari@ says:

    Thank you so much for these wonderful covers! Perfect for miniatures. 🙂

  43. #43 - Anna says:

    That's beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  44. #44 - Feathers and Flight says:

    These are Absolutely Beautiful!
    Thank You for Sharing!
    Have a Wonderful Evening!

  45. #45 - Connie says:

    These are so beautiful, thank you!

  46. #46 - Nic says:

    This will kill a few hours tonight for me in Photoshop, thank you 🙂

  47. #47 - Lynne says:

    so gorgeous, thank you!

  48. #48 - Recoradyn says:

    Wow, beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  49. #49 - Rhonda says:

    I love all the rich colors in the bookcovers….very nice!

  50. #50 - Katy says:

    I love these designs. It gives us a taste of the medieval times. The center oval shape is perfect for a personalized emblem or logo. I think this would look good on a project on medieval literature, wouldn’t it?

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    A Malaysian SEO Company.

  51. #51 - Neo A. says:

    Epic in its own way.

    Some flashes of Dumbledore, Gandalf, Merlin, and other great wizened wizards (long dead but not forgotten) came while looking at these covers. Nothing short of a wonder these are (or “this is”, rather?).

    I hope I can find one as beautiful as this from where I am.

  52. #52 - Toni Curtis says:

    oh mi gosh!!!! These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  53. #53 - Nataliya says:

    Thank you so much. I love this, such pretty colors.
    Hugs Nataliya

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  55. #54 - AliceW says:

    These will be perfect for my little ones scavenger hunt!!! Each book unique to each one. Thanks!!!

  56. #55 - angel says:

    hi there – just wondering whether these can be adapted for commercial use and who I should credit?


  57. #56 - Peter York says:

    Love to covers …. they are very nice …… thank you very much from Australia

  58. #57 - Barbara Peckham-Gardner says:

    Just had to pin this to my Pinterest scrapbooking page! Can’t wait to use it in a project. Thank You!

  59. #58 - Shelly says:

    Beautiful covers. Thinking about using them to create some textbook covers for my Harry Potter party. Thanks for sharing!

  60. #59 - Goldwave says:

    Cathe, thanks for taking the time to share your lovely finds.