Mad Men and Blog Love

I’m a huge fan of the brilliantly written and directed Mad Men on AMC. (Mad is short for Madison Avenue.) I was just a pup in the 60s but am becoming quite enamored with the trends and style of that era through the show. My entire design career began in a similar advertising agency as the one on the show (sans the promiscuity,) and I can’t get enough of the fashion and props.So, in the spirit of the 60s, I created a fun graphic reminescent of Robert Indiana’s LOVE image. Feel free to use it on your blog (there’s also a little button below) or, even better, wear it! You can purchase BLOG apparel, accessories and stationery in my cafepress shop by clicking HERE.On a side note, if you’re interested in checking out Mad Men for the first time, I strongly recommend that you begin with the very first show of Season 1 through your favorite movie rental source. The show is currently in season 3 and you’ve got some serious catching up to do to get the most out of it.

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20 Responses to Mad Men and Blog Love

  1. #1 - KaReN EiLeeN says:

    LOVE THAT SHOW!!!! The season seems so short…….Need more MAD MEN.

    Love your artwork too!

  2. #2 - caroline joy says:

    OMG — I just posted a blog about my love for Mad Men (and Project Runway and Rachel Zoe) just this morning too! It is the best! So's your logo!

  3. #3 - Christie Cottage says:

    I will have to check out the show.

    Cool shirt!!!

  4. #4 - AB71 says:

    I have been watching Mad Men since season 1 and I can't get enough. I rent the older seasons through netflix in the summer because I miss it when it's not on.

    I LOVE the blog logo, thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. #5 - dawn says:

    I love your Blog logo. I've not seen "Mad Men" but have added Season One to our Netflix list and am very excited to get started on it.

  6. #6 - Ann says:

    Love the logo! I'll be back to buy a shirt!

  7. #7 - flyingbeader says:

    Mad Man is my favorite show. You are so right, it is intelligent and thought provoking & it so brings back all my childhood memories of the 60s living in LA. Love that Logo.

  8. #8 - Loddelina says:

    Great logo, thanks for sharing.
    Haven't seen the show, will have to check it out.

  9. #9 - Carly says:

    My only complaint about MadMen is there just isn't enough of it! Oh my, the clothes! The decadence! Love that you've been inspired by it – I wish you more MadMen inspiration….

  10. #10 - troutdalites says:

    loving the BLOG love logo!

  11. #11 - Beky says:

    Thank you for sharing the logo, will put that up on my blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Love Mad Men, cant get enough of those costumes.

  12. #12 - risa says:

    Great image…I just might have to use it…and I think the t-shirts will sell like crazy!

  13. #13 - Graham Turner says:

    Mad Men has found a strange and lovely space between nostalgia and political correctness and filled it with interesting people, all of them armed with great powers of seduction.I like all the seasons.Yes i agree this t-shirt will be a great hit. I order my Suits, shirts and t-shirts online.I will try this one as well.

  14. #14 - foobella says:

    Mad Men. Best show on tv right now.

    Nice logo.

  15. #15 - Paul Overton says:

    Hi Cathe – I featured this on today. Nice work. I've always liked the Indiana original and I love your take on it. Cheers.

  16. #16 - Ammie says:

    Great idea!

  17. #17 - Nouveau Stitch says:

    I LOVE Mad Men! Who doesn't? I've seen all the shows and lived a lot of it. My favorite thing to do while watching? Pick out the props that are not true to the timeframe. My first score? The IBM Selectric typewriters, which weren't invented until the 70's! Oh, and pantyhose…

    I love your new blog button and thank you once again for your generosity. Fantastic inspiration every post!

  18. #18 - Lucy Burger says:

    I just ran across your website for the first time today. It is wonderful.

  19. #19 - david says:

    keep this idea

  20. #20 - Vicki says:

    I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think your work is. I also wanted to thank you for all of the treats that you share here. You are delightful and I really am glad to have visited you.
    Best of everything to you.