Vintage Animation: I’d Rather Be Blogging!

For your consideration, another fun little blog animation…(indulge me, okay?) I just love this one, and c’mon- who wouldn’t rather be blogging than doing housework!

I purchased a tiny 1920s/1930s antique flip book on ebay from a seller in Australia, a sort of salesman’s hand-held product demo from the Whirlwind Arcade, London.
Flipping from one side, it features a woman exhaustingly beating her rug on the line, creating dust clouds, wishing for the Whirlwind Non-Electric Suction Sweeper. Flipping the book the other direction, you find Mrs. Jones, the neighbor, vacuuming with ease with the “Cleaner Sweeper.”
By scanning each individual motion image, placing them all into Photoshop, creating an animation, exporting as a gif file, I was able to make the “I’d Rather Be Blogging” blog graphic.
To add the animation to your blog, right-click or control-click the moving image to copy the link location. Then place as a picture gadget in your blog’s sidebar by pasting the link “from the web”. It will move all on it’s own.
Animations can become quite distracting, however, so if you prefer a static image as an alternative, here you go.

Several have commented in the past asking for instructions on making an animated gif, and really, that is a bit beyond my tutorial skills, but there are many tutorials that have already been created and freely shared on the internet. I read through a few before figuring it out for myself. I recommend you begin with a simple search for instructions by clicking HERE.

UPDATE: After reading the comment by Scrap for Joy, “…By the way…I always vacuum in a dress-doesn’t everyone? LOL! ”– I suddenly remembered THIS!

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