Three Word Thursday

sunbeam animal animation

My husband was cleaning out his shop in the barn the other day and was tossing this greasy old box that held his sheep shearing clippers. Well, not on my watch! I almost missed it, do you see what I see?Little animal illustrations! Yup, they make fun little funky gif animations. HA!

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29 Responses to Three Word Thursday

  1. #1 - jen says:

    ha ha! Love it!

  2. #2 - Heidi says:

    Clipmaster clipper clipper… How many times could they use clipper 😉 Love the animated gifts.

  3. #3 - Christie Cottage says:

    Very cute! Always creating!!

  4. #4 - homespun1 says:

    How wonderfully creative…wow!!

  5. #5 - Glassprimitif says:

    These are brilliant! I think you are addicted to these now.

  6. #6 - Brynwood Needleworks says:

    I'm suffering from a terrible case of "GIF ENVY"! They're all so cool and I haven't the faintest idea how to accomplish them. You're definitely the Queen!!!

  7. #7 - Carly says:

    I think you now need to create a box that says "Holden Clipmaster" on it…

  8. #8 - mitziscollectibles says:

    Cathe, those are too cute for words! I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  9. #9 - chicroses says:

    So clever….You have made me aware of any little illustration I see. Its a bad I have my small painting room piling up with stuff in hopes someday I will be doing some of your ideas..Now I am looking at tiny itsy bitsy bottle tubes with tiny little corks…almost going to purchase some but what to do with them. Sally

  10. #10 - Jen says:

    …and it has the best last name in the world on that box!!! Stewart!!!

  11. #11 - xashee's corner says:

    you are AWESOME!! Thank you so much for ALLLLLLLLL the WONDERFUL & FUN things you share! 🙂 Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

  12. #12 - Whitney @ Whisker Graphics says:

    Love the pooch!

  13. #13 - Myrna says:

    Okay, I gotta write you…I've been a 'lurker' for about 2 months now..and have spent too much time than I'd like to admit going back thru ALL your posts. I have to tell you that YOU ARE ONE AMAZING ARTIST! You've inspired me to think outside the box…but you have the ability to think even FARTHER outside the box! Does that even make sense to you?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your talent, downloads, hints and tips. You are a sweetheart to do so, and give me courage to try new things.

  14. #14 - NicNacManiac says:

    You really are amazing!!!

  15. #15 - sea-blue-sky & abstracts says:

    Very, very, very good – and clever!

  16. #16 - Loddelina says:

    Amazing! SO glad I've subscribed to your blog, the good ideas never stop!
    Have you ever posted a tutorial on how to make an animated GIF? I would love to try and make one myself…

  17. #17 - Loddelina says:

    I just looked for more and found your I'd rather be blogging GIF! So clever, I've installed it on, thanks!

  18. #18 - the undomesticated wife says:

    So clever!

    I can't believe your husband was going to throw that out! It's such a cool box!

  19. #19 - DeeDee says:

    well how cool is that…very fun

  20. #20 - WW says:

    Great box….and how cool those little animations are!!! Who would have thought…..oh yeah…you!!

  21. #21 - Sandy Toes says:

    Very cute and fun!
    sandy toe

  22. #22 - Julianne says:

    I love your animations! Very cool.

    I have been lurking about your blog for awhile now – I always love to stop by a visit, there is always something cooking over here that gets the creativity juices flowing : ).

  23. #23 - Judy says:

    Those are the best!! I just love the running horse!

  24. #24 - Karen says:

    You are a genius! I can't believe the ideas you get! Thanks for sharing them with me, since my mind can't do that! Karen

  25. #25 - My name is PJ. says:

    I saw it – because you're training us to see things we may have overlooked before. So fun!

  26. #26 - Kay says:

    I love the little dog….and the pony…..ok i love them all!!

  27. #27 - Suzanne says:

    The box is darling — I love the animation. How clever of you!! I love your blog!

  28. #28 - phyllis says:

    New-to-me blogger…You are killin' me!!!!
    I KNOW you don't sleep at night…

    I heart you.

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