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I would be really devastated if something ever happened to Blogger. I love blogging and I enjoy reading back through my own posts. But there’s this little part of me that worries that someday, it could all disappear and I would loose my entire journal forever. So I have been wanting to print out my blog for some time now. I tried, a site that allows you to download a program to help you set up your blog for printing into a bound book. I had a hard time with formatting my different posts and photos with that one. I came across another site, Blog2Print, and saw that they also offered bound book printing (which would come to over $80 per book, 2 books, for my one year of posts), but even better than that, they have an option to purchase your blog in PDF format to print on your own for under $3 a file! It took 2 files to complete my book, lots of printer ink, a ream of paper, and some simple poly binders. (I bought extra supplies to keep on hand for updating and adding volumes in the months to come.)

The cover designs offered by Blog2Print didn’t quite suit my blog style, so I made my own and replaced theirs in my PDF file before I printed. I also added a custom intro and back cover page. I printed, collated, 3-hole punched and divided all posts into 3 binders. There is also an option to print out all comments from your blog, I will also do that soon and place in a book of their own. (Because I LOVE comments!)

The binders I purchased allowed for sliding in my own cover and spine, I opted for spine only and slid in strips of paper with my graphics.

Now I have my blog on my bookshelf, a little piece of mind, and possibly one day, a gift for my grandchildren.

{The other binders on the shelf with red floral patterned spines contain pages of vintage clip art.}

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before printing, review all of your photos in your PDF file. Any photos that I had directly linking to any Etsy shop or Etsy item defaulted to a shopping cart image. I had to manually replace those in the files.

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