Leather Cuffs & Keychains

I’m back using more of my leather swatches (thrift store find!) You can usually find leather furniture swatches/samples on ebay and most craft stores carry small leather craft pieces.

Similar to my leather photo wallet project, these pieces were pretty easy to make with a T-shirt transfer sheet for DARK fabric and more great graphics from The Graphics Fairy. I also designed a couple with art from my blog & Etsy store banners.

Using The Graphics Fairy images, I created a narrow collage measured to fit the size crimp bars I’ll be using, which are 3/4″ wide. I also made a repeat pattern from a pretty frame image she had on her site. You can grab the art from here and reduce or trim to size. You may also notice that when I print on the transfer sheets, I usually fill up the whole sheet with art & images that I can always use later. I hate to waste any space on these sheets, especially if there’s not enough left over to feed back through the printer. I made a few images for patches I’ll sew to something one day.


[1]-[2] I printed out my graphics onto the transfer sheet and trimmed out each design.

[3]-[4] Following the directions for the transfer sheets, I peeled off the backing of each piece and ironed onto the smooth surface of the leather.

[5] You can see what happens if you move your iron when pressing instead of holding it in place. But this little mishap was fixable, you’ll see. [6] Once all my images were transferred to leather I cut out the strips, leaving some extra space around the edges.

[7] I stitched along the strips and [8]-[9] trimmed out each to size.

[10] The stars of this project are the crimp bars. For this post I wanted to link to my original supplier, but found that they are out of stock. So by googling, I located more: LINK.

[11]-[12] I placed the crimp bar on the ends of the strips and covered with a scrap piece of leather before crimping with my pliers to avoid scuffing the metal. The cuffs have teeth that sink into the leather and grip well.

[13] I punched starter holes into the repeat frame strip and then [14] pressed in metal eyelets.

[15]-[16] To complete the bracelet cuffs, I added jump-rings and clasps to the crimp bars and on my blog cuff, also attached some beads

For the keychains, I simply hooked the openings of the crimp bars onto a metal key ring. The keychains are perfect for looping over a hook and have less chance of getting lost in my purse!

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38 Responses to Leather Cuffs & Keychains

  1. #1 - Spymommy says:

    I’m a total lurker on your blog, but I have finally reached the point of total inspirational overload and consequently have to blurt out, “You are a complete genius and I have a creative crush on you!”

    Keep on creating!

  2. #2 - La Table De Nana says:

    These are AMAZING!!!

  3. #3 - Sandy Toes says:

    sandy toe

  4. #4 - Judy says:

    You make the coolest things! I am still after those luggage tags….I’m waiting!

    Looking forward more great things.

  5. #5 - jen says:

    these are really cool! Thanks for sharing!

  6. #6 - Meghan T. says:

    Wow you just wow me everytime I check your blog. I love all of your ideas. You have such great ideas…..Keep em coming!

  7. #7 - PussDaddy says:

    Those are pretty darn neat!


  8. #8 - Robin says:

    Such a cool idea! I just love visiting your blog and being inspired by all the creative things that you do Cathe!!


  9. #9 - Junie Moon says:

    This is stunning, your leather work is exquisite and I’m super impressed. I posted a leather project today on my blog, but now I feel woefully inadequate after seeing your gorgeous creations. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  10. #10 - TidyMom says:

    ……..if I just had a FRACTION of your creativity I’d be a happy girl!!

    These are too cute! not to mention AMAZING!!


  11. #11 - Chandra says:

    You really need to write a book…I always look forward to reading your blog and being inspired to create!

  12. #12 - Niesz Vintage Home says:

    Those are great!
    One of my supply stores has small pieces of scrap leather and I’m always so tempted to try a small project like this with them.
    I may just need to go and grab them. 🙂


  13. #13 - xashee's corner says:

    you have such WONDERFUL tuts and i thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂 Have a MARVELOUS day!!

  14. #14 - Jenn says:

    Love, love, love it!

  15. #15 - Debra says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog and this is such a great project to do! Thanks for sharing & have a great day 🙂

  16. #16 - My name is PJ. says:

    Cathe, Two things…why aren’t the cuffs listed in your store? Why is your store inventory low when you have so much creative energy and output? Oh, three things – is your JSIM button for your stalkers to put in their sidebars? 🙂

  17. #17 - Judy says:

    OK, I love this bracelet! But I have to ask if you use Photoshop or some other software to create the strips.

  18. #18 - AnvilArtshop says:

    Beautiful! I second the suggestion that you write a book, Cathe… you have such a creative spirit. 🙂

  19. #19 - Cathe Holden says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments everyone!

    PJ, was that a scolding? LOL. I completely enjoy crafting new things, but producing multiples to sell, well, that’s a whole other thing. I find enough pleasure in just blogging them. I still have a day job, desinging, which keeps me pretty busy. I am hopeful that my crafts may inspire others to take the ideas, make them their own and sell if it works for them. I love Etsy for all it’s creative energy.

    Judy, yes, I use Adobe Illustrator. I placed the images into a file, reduced each and lined them up in a row adding a color background. The frame image was elongated and had a flower in the center. I condensed the image to make it sqare and placed a circle of color over the flower to knock it out.

    Chandra and AnvilArtshop, I would love to have a book. Not sure how to make that happen, I may look into it. In the meantime, I need to spend more time over at Blurb.com and at least make a book from my blog.

    Have a great day!

  20. #20 - Cathe Holden says:

    Oh, PJ, I almost forgot, YES! That is a stalker button!

  21. #21 - Bette's Bags says:

    You should rename your blog…”Just Something GREAT that I made”.

  22. #22 - Jill says:

    awesome! I need to try this.

  23. #23 - The Feathered Nest says:

    Cathe, you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for always being such a sweet, sharing soul ~ this is such a neat project!!! xxoo, Dawn

  24. #24 - Linda says:

    Very neat key wristlet! I have those crimps, now I can get busy and make things. Thank you for sharing! White Linen ~ Lavender Field

  25. #25 - Stephanie says:

    What a cool idea, I found your blog on Feathered Nest and so glad I did.

  26. #26 - Kim says:

    Hi Cathe,

    I love love love your blog especially this entry. i hope you don’t mind my asking, what type of Epson ink-jet printer do you use? Your print-outs always look sharp and crisp. I’m currently looking to buy a printer mainly for printing graphics. Hope to hear from you soon!


  27. #27 - Cathe Holden says:

    Hi Kim-

    I use an Epson Stylus NX400. Under $100 if I remember correctly.

    Hope you find a great printer, even the cheaper ones don’t print half bad for projects like this.

  28. #28 - dandelionmuse says:

    this is such a great tutorial – i had no idea that something so beautiful could be so simple! (in concept anyway – i'm probably not talented enough to actually execute it easily!!)
    i just discovered your blog today and will definitely be stopping by again.

  29. #29 - Alice Cruz says:

    Great project… I love it!!
    Just one question, did you use a "normal" sewing machine? or a special one for sewing the leather?

    thanks a lot for sharing!!

  30. #30 - Cathe Holden says:

    Hi Alice, I used a plain ol' sewing machine: )

  31. #31 - Jo says:

    it's a wonderful tutorial and look relatively easy, i'm definitely going to try it, however i have no experience with leather.. just wondering where can i get the tool that you used to punch holes on the leather?? and the metal thingy around the holes?

    Thanks very much!

  32. #32 - Cathe Holden says:

    Hi Jo.

    Leather is sooo easy to work with. You can create your own scrap leather from a second hand purse or jacket. There's a link to the end pinch brackets in instruction No. 10 of the tutorial. There may also be some on Etsy. For holes, that's just a plain ol' hole punch, smaller size from the craft store.

    Hope that helps!

  33. #33 - Landfill Hill says:

    Hi, Cathe! Yet another amazing project!! As far as book companies go, I know that you can send photos of your work to them through their 'submission' link on their website, and I'm sure other publishing companies have the same link. I think Quarry is another company that focuses on craft books. You should definitely get to submittin', girlie!!

  34. #34 - Landfill Hill says:

    Oops, the first company I was talking about was Lark

  35. #35 - Katie says:

    These are super cool. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Pingback: ART et STYLE: French Magazine Cover | Just Something I Made

  37. #36 - Shelly says:

    Oooooooh! I love this idea! Awesome tutorial. I will never look at leather scraps in the same way again. 🙂

  38. #37 - Pat says:

    I have been trying to print on leather for awhile now. I have used my laser engraver but it smells in my room and it takes forever.( I want to do 100 keytags minimum) I had a die cut so I can punch out the leather tags after I print the leather this way. My only concern is how durable is the print?