Watch Case Pendant: Round 2

An update to yesterday’s post:
I had another go at the watch cases this morning and the 3 words for the day are thin to win. I didn’t try to fill the whole case with embossing powder this time, just a thin layer.

Although I thought it would’ve been nice to have the tiny pencil encased completely in acrylic, I don’t mind the relief effect of it half in and half out. The background image is an old book cover- modified, (obviously).

The other watch case holds a funky vintage earring and some neat old postage stamps, two of several little freebies tucked into one of my purchases from whyte. I should warn you that most papers turn pretty dark in this process. The colors of the stamps were more vivid than they are once baked in the powder.

Another little nugget: keep toothpicks handy! They are perfect for readjusting any floaters right out of the oven before the goo hardens.

I struggled with posting this last photo of my total loss from yesterday, why break your heart? But here it is anyway. This cowboy image was cut from a vintage map. I didn’t feel comfortable reproducing the art as it wasn’t public domain, so I took my chances with the original. The backside of this watch case leaked the hot goo all over the place and I was unable to salvage it or the image, and believe me I tried. Are you as sad as I am?

For a link to Amazing Glaze Embossing Powder like I used, click HERE.

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17 Responses to Watch Case Pendant: Round 2

  1. #1 - Anji Gallanos says:

    These are great. I love them. Really fresh and fun. I wish I had the patience for the amount of collecting that goes into a piece like this. Nice work!

  2. #2 - Leila Marvel says:

    These are so nifty, love the sketch book one with the miniature pencil.

  3. #3 - Cottage Lifestyle says:

    It am in awe of what you have done with these watch cases!


  4. #4 - troutdalites says:

    LOVED the cowboy : (

  5. #5 - Lynne Laura says:

    Love the little gems you made today, the one with the earring especially.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  6. #6 - Blue Castle says:

    I am so in love with your pendants. They are beautiful!

  7. #7 - Flight Fancy says:

    Those are just beautiful! (sorry about the cowboy) They all have a little story in them….it’s wonderful 🙂

  8. #8 - emmasgemsvintage says:

    I love this too! I’m trying to do something similar with tiny ladies watch cases but haven’t been able to cut my papers small enough to use (and still look good!) I’m still working on it! Thanks for sharing yours.Kitty

  9. #9 - High Desert Diva says:

    Truly awe inspiring.

    Bummer about cowboy…

  10. #10 - Tina says:

    Sad?? no, I can see this used in an assamblage (sp??!) some other place some other time..As for the others, they have been fab!! keep up the good works!

  11. #11 - tidymom says:

    Those are even more beautiful than the first ones you posted!!


  12. #12 - Not Lucy says:

    Great idea to make use of old watches. I love the one with the earrings as a way of making a lasting reminder of someone’s parents or grandparents.

    I once got a pin at a craft sale made from the innards of and old watch. I have a bunch of old watches that I might someday use to make some.

  13. #13 - Andrea says:

    What a wonderfully clever idea! I love the one with the pencil!

  14. #14 - sarajane says:

    Oh, man, I am so ready to go play with my old watch cases now. I fool around with resin from time to time (Envirotex Lite) and have found that if you give your images a coat of gel medium or Modge Podge before encasing them, it helps with the darkening issue. Love your blog, thanks for all the creative inspiration!

  15. #15 - WindandHoney says:

    Oh! I LOVE these!

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  17. #16 - Suzy-Homemaker says:

    You’re killing me with how cool these are!