Right@Home: Guest Blog Post No. 2

Today there is another guest blog post by me on SC Johnson’s Right@Home website! There will be one post a week through the end of February. As space is limited over there, I’ve included a few extra photos here pertaining to today’s post:
Designing Indoor Winter Birthday Parties
Click on the blue Right@Home button above or in the right-hand column to visit the blog. I’d love if you left a comment there, thanks so much!

UPDATE: Wonderful Kandice from The Alts emailed me today with these great photos themed after the very same ones I posted about over at R@H! Kandice writes:

I liked today’s blog post! Great ideas for indoor parties. I live in Phoenix, and my kids’ birthdays are in June and July… so unless I plan water games, outside parties are out of the question! I’m attaching pics of a couple of cards I made a while ago that kind of tie in to your party ideas. Thought you’d get a kick out of them. 🙂 The bowling one is just printed with text boxes & clip art from Word, and the bowling pins pop up. It’s a tri-fold. The camping one has a foam marshmallow, a toothpick roasting stick, and layered vellum fire. Keep blogging! I read yours a few times a week.

(Be sure to click on the image to enlarge!)

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5 Responses to Right@Home: Guest Blog Post No. 2

  1. #1 - Jennifer says:

    Everyone should have a mom like you!

  2. #2 - Kandice and Rob says:

    These are great ideas! 🙂

  3. #3 - Jen says:

    You are too cute! My mom always went all out for me and my sisters. I’m trying to follow in her shadow…not so easy after all! Thanks for sharing those cute ideas.

  4. #4 - Cloud Nine Creations says:

    Awesome ideas – great job!

  5. #5 - lmerie says:

    Great ideas! I liked your post on Amy’s site. 🙂