Always In The Moment

See that guy standing on the roof of the burning house? That’s my husband. (Click to enlarge!)

Though I could go a the rest of my life without actually seeing Jeff perform the most dangerous part of his career duties, I have photos like this to remind me that he is indeed a hero and absolutely deserves his feet rubbed now and then. (I should point out that he would argue that THIS was not the only dangerous part of that fire, negotiating the ladder under those wires and to the roof was pretty risky.)
Here’s another one of Jeff during an extrication drill.

Who takes these photos? The same amazing woman that took my most favorite Jeff & Cathe picture of all time, Nina Zhito.

Nina, a press, event and portrait photographer, sees my husband through different eyes than I. She witnesses, as do the emergency personnel, some of the most breathtaking moments, and captures them in time for the rest of us to experience.

Through many fire department events over the years, I have come to know Nina and have grown quite fond of her. To learn more about this terrific woman and her work, please click HERE to visit my design blog, Farm Fresh Creative.

Photo of Nina Zhito by Clay Begrin

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7 Responses to Always In The Moment

  1. #1 - Jennifer says:

    I’m so grateful for people like Nina that also take risks to relay the amazingly story of bravery to us. I love the photos. Jeff is amazing!!!

  2. #2 - Leslie says:

    Hello! Just wanted to drop a line to say I love the photos! My husband has been a volunteer Fireman and EMT for over 18 years…and he is only 35, and I agree that I could do without the visuals too! After his story of how during and interior attack the roof came in on him and another young man……I asked NO MORE questions! Thanks for sharing the pics! Take care! Love the blog!


  3. #3 - Tania says:

    Jeff is a STUD!…..and there is nothing HOTTER (no pun intended) than a good lookin’ firefighter!!!

    Wow! Nina is a great photographer.

  4. #4 - Jen says:

    I hope you have a wall in your home dedicated to photos of your personal hero. Those are frame worthy, for sure! What a manly man!!!

  5. #5 - Brenda says:

    What a wonderful blog! I thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

    My husband (now deceased) was a fireman at the Amoco Oil Refinery and fought some amazing explosion fires. Kudos to you for a terrific attitude and great photos.

  6. #6 - Oh2122 says:

    Great photos.

    My Dad is a fire fighter, and I hate to actually see the “action shots” from fires… I love what he does,I just don’t need to see it!

  7. #7 - Mr. Kinder says:

    You didn’t mention that he’s an award winning little league coach. And, when his kids were in kindergarten, a fabulous parent volunteer! Yes, you married someone very special.