Basketball Season Relief

Necessity is the mother of invention. And with two kids in basketball, there are basketballs underfoot at all times.

With an extra basketball hoop net we had- one day this just happened. By bringing all the blue ends together with some random piece of lanyard metal hook/loop thingy, dividing the red ends into two sections and looping through keychain rings and then connecting the loops with a spare fat shoelace, the basketball carrier was developed. This contraption makes it much easier to bring the ball to and from practice and home with hands full and keeps the sound of constant bouncing basketballs out of my head!

New nylon basketball hoops are under $5.

Oh, and check out one of my favorite $20 finds from the recycle area of our landfill (in photo background). A cool blue vintage locker in our garage we’ve been storing our sports equipment in for years. We love it!

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5 Responses to Basketball Season Relief

  1. #1 - Tania Wood says:

    Great idea! I have been eyeing the same kind of locker system at the Portland Salvage Co. here in Maine. Except it will cost me 175.00:( Sonoma County’s Transfer Station A.K.A “Dump” has some good finds!!

  2. #2 - Jennifer says:

    YOU are the mother of invention! (love the lockers!)

  3. #3 - MizSmoochieLips says:

    What a smart smart smart idea! And I’m in love with the old lockers – One day I will have a big huge long wall of lockers and I will be so delighted to stuff crap in those and shut the doors! Lol!

  4. #4 - BeckyKay says:

    That is genius!!

  5. #5 - T.Allen-Mercado says:

    What a great idea!