Vintage Repurposed: Prize Ribbons

It’s turning out to be Vintage Repurposing Week on the JSIM blog. Sure, why not have a theme!

On my trip to Manhattan a few years ago, I met a young artist in a smoothie shop wearing a rosette on her jacket with a gold snake adorning it. Completely inspired, I started collecting vintage rosettes, aka: prize ribbons. I found some on eBay and several at the flea market and a few at Recycletown. The eBay lot was something like $13 for 25 plus shipping. Most of mine come from horse events.

There’s no end to the ideas I have for these rosettes. I’m covering little keepsake boxes and vintage tins and here are some photos of different ones I’ve embellished. I’ll be selling some at the craft fair in November.

Home Sweet Home Petaluma rosettes.

Vintage deer brooches on pink.

And a best friend award, for anyone who has ever seen me in a bathing suit and didn’t hand me a towel.

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