Paper Craft

Old craft books are such a find. This is one I picked up for my kids, but I have the most fun with it. Pell’s Guide to Papercraft Tricks Games and Puzzles by Walter Gibson. I scanned what he refers to as paper tearing patterns, but we always called paper snowflakes.

Here are a few that I thought would be great to share. Imagine these shapes cut from scrapbook paper, matted and framed individually. Or cut and strung together as a garland. Or cut from fabric or felt and appliqued to apparel. The possibilities are endless.

Always start with a square piece of paper and fold as shown in the diagram. You will end up with a tail that can be trimmed off. Cut away the white area shown, leaving the black section. (You can click on the images for an enlarged view. Disregard any rough edges that didn’t scan cleanly.)

If you use these patterns, or create your own, I would love to see what you (or your kids!) come up with.

Here’s a tutorial for six pointed snowflakes by maleahbliss.

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27 Responses to Paper Craft

  1. #1 - ~ tracychong ~ says:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing. I’ve tried playing with cutting snowflakes but they always look kind of stiff!

  2. #2 - Christie Cottage says:

    Oh, I had forgotten how much fun it is to make snowflakes! Can you imagine how fun they would be with all the new cutting edges on scissors? SOunds like a project for some homemade Christmas cards and we can use all the glitter!

    I enjoy your blog. It is very well written.

    I remember in an old movie where the actress left her calling card. Sounds like a fun project too. Not a business card, but a calling card.

  3. #3 - GwynnsGifts says:

    Those are great. My mom LOVES paper and patterns. She would be drooling over your book.

  4. #4 - Magic Jelly says:

    Those snowflakes are gorgeous!

  5. #5 - mayaluna says:

    These are beautiful, thank you! I love cutting snowflakes…what beautiful designs.

  6. #6 - Annie Rexic says:

    ok, that is SO neat, i think im gonna have to try it.

  7. #7 - Estela says:

    oh how lovely!!!

  8. #8 - Nancy says:

    Look at “Dave’s Snowflakes” on the web. We have done paper snowflakes forever…starting around Christmas everyone does at least one and I glue stick them on my big window in the family area and leave them up until April. It is easy to clean up with a little razor and some window cleaner and then there is no tape to spoil the look.

  9. #9 - Pumpkin Petunia says:

    Thank you for these incredible patterns. I will definitely report back with what we come up with!

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  11. #10 - Suz says:

    Hi…I Spent all day yesterday making paper snowflakes for Christmas mine are not as intricate as these beauties but lots of fun…..plans to do a couple of snowflake cushions too this next week too

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful papercraft….fabulous work
    Suz x

  12. #11 - Ellen says:

    I reaaaally love the designs – but: don’t you need awfully sharp scissors to exactly cut through 16 layers of paper? I tried it with my scissors, and it looks ok, but not as good as in your How-To… 🙂

  13. #12 - Paola says:

    I love it! Thank you… your site is full of creative ideas!!

  14. #13 - Erin Attaway says:

    Love your snowflakes, I found one the other day on another blog I follow but, these are amazing. I am going to have to try and make some with my children. Thanks for sharing!!

  15. #14 - Linda Hill says:

    Ohhhhhh-how fun–i had forgotten about these lovely little snowflakes we used to make in Bluebirds!!! So much fun to make as I sit here at my computer and think about going to dreamsville–thanks

  16. #15 - Lisa says:

    Wonderful activity, and it will give my kids something to work on. Thank you so much!

  17. #16 - Sally Farb says:

    Do you have any tricks for folding paper for 6 pointed snowflakes? we have a snow flake room every year and look forward to making some of yours. they are wonderful!

  18. Your Snowflakes are really nice!

  19. #19 - Lillibelle says:

    Thank you so much……I haven’t made these for years. So sitting here at the computer, I grabbed a piece of printer paper and some scissors and
    just started cutting…….WOW! With a thinner paper and some sharp scissors these are really going to be fun.

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  21. #20 - Rose says:

    Can you tell me what scissors you use? Thanks!

  22. #21 - Brenda says:

    I am in-love! I have been in love with snowflakes since I was a child and my mother taught me how to create them! I make a good set if I do say so myself! I’m always looking to improve and learn new things. I am so glad to have come across your site. I’m trying to do a website of my own ~ Hope I can get as good an input as you seem to be. I can’t wait to try these new patterns! Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work! =0)

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  24. #22 - Judy Baker says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. I had forgotten how to get started at these! I will enjoy so much, the cutting of new designs. Hope you have a magnificent Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

  25. #23 - Gayle Buyny says:

    I tried these last Christmas with a utility knife with copy paper…not so good. What type paper and knife do you suggest? Thanks

  26. #24 - terry says:

    How can I get patterns to the ukrain snowflake patterns?