A Charging Station

What I need:

What I’m settling for:
(A jar of cords sitting next to an outlet.)

If you are so inclined to get crafty, here are a few other DIY charger stations you can make!

Charging Station Breadbox

Charging Station

This one cracks me up- Vintage Minnow Bucket Charging Station

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7 Responses to A Charging Station

  1. #1 - Tania Wood says:

    I put my chargers in a see through plastic bin in my closet:) Why do we have so many chargers???? I don’t get it. I think I have chargers from cell phones I don’t even have anymore, I guess I need to make a run to the Swap Shop and drop some off.
    I love the vintage Minnow charger…funny!!

  2. #2 - Tania Wood says:

    Ok, one more comment. I was surprised to see that you wrote on that label “Chargers” and didn’t make up some GORGEOUS label of your own. I was almost disappointed to see the regular generic label with sharpie ink:) I guess I am spoiled now, seeing all of your crafty custom graphics.I love to check your blog everyday, and I get so excited to see a cool new post. I do love your jar of chargers though!
    Thanks for the inspirations:)

  3. #3 - Emily says:

    I actually saw a fairly simple hack and made a charging station in an afternoon…and from what I’ve seen – if I can do it…you can do it cuter!


  4. #4 - Chantal says:

    I love the charging station. Its so practical. I think less clutterd then the box idea. At my house way too mush juk would make its way into the box sompartments. I love the labels. And the jar.

  5. #5 - Spymommy says:

    I’ve coveted that white charging station for some time, but the Hubby thinks it’s just silly – what’s wrong with just plugging in all the chargers and charging everything up on the counter . . . obviously he is a little clueless as to the asthetics of it all. Oh well! Loved your clever idea.

  6. #6 - Melissa says:

    i’ve been wanting a little charge station forever.. i have it on my wishpot wish list. i don’t understand why someone just can’t make one charger for everything? wouldn’t it make since??? it’d save on waste so much…and sanity..

  7. #7 - Kate Gibson says:

    I love the vintage red labels… where did you get them. I have looked for them everywhere. Was surprised that they are no longer made.