More Deer Decor

I may be on the downside of a trend, but I just love the clean look of alabaster mounted deer heads. They run anywhere from $30 to $100-plus each -not in my budget, so I hit ebay for vintage ones to paint. I kept an eye out for several months so the most I paid was around $15 for a large head plus shipping.

The before montage are the ebay seller’s photos. Some are wood, some chalkware and some plastic. I also picked up a couple of miniature plastic deer at the craft store.

I painted them with matte acrylic craft paint, and replaced the wood mounting plaques on a few.

I had some fun with colors and went black for the matching pair and coral red for the one that hangs over my studio door.

The deer watching me from atop my monitor was spray painted silver. One seller threw in another head cheap that is made of leather. It’s a little creepy, but he looks interesting as-is guarding my jobs board.

If you look close you may notice something a little wacky. The coordinating deer and moose (shown on the right side of the sellers’ photo montage) had their antlers confused before shipping. My daughter noticed the faux pas only after I’d painted and hung them. (White deer/moose antlers over window and red moose/deer antlers over door.) It’s just too funny to fix.

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14 Responses to More Deer Decor

  1. #1 - Chey says:

    Cute deer. But neither of those is a moose head or antlers. I suspect they are different types of deer. But definitely not like any moose I’ve ever seen.

    You’ve done a great job painting them, they look fabulous!!!!

  2. #2 - xoBeau says:

    Oh, wow, wonderful collection! I am very fond of the style where the antlers are mounted on some stuffed leather, I just really like that clean look. I thought it was called the european mount, but that is where the skull is displayed. Thanks for sharing!

  3. #3 - cheryl says:

    I only recently stumbled upon your blog a few days ago, and I have to say I’m quite enthralled! Your ideas are so fun and inspiring… it’s so nice to find new blogs that catch your eye and imagination!!

    All of my father’s family are hunters, and I’ve grown up with dead animal parts lying around the house/yard all my childhood. Who knew that those pieces could evolve into a fabulous decor items! You really have me thinking as I’m getting my craft room up and running right now. What fun!

  4. #4 - Wendy Miller says:

    I LOVE all these deer, what a wonderfully creative idea. Very inspiring!!

  5. #5 - Carol says:

    These are simply amazing!! Very cool!

  6. #6 - Nikita Andrews says:

    Omg these are so beautiful!!! Do you sell these by any chance??

  7. #7 - Cathe Holden says:

    No, Nikita, I'm sorry, they are just my studio decor.

    Super easy to create once you find the souvenir heads. But, of course, that's the tough part. However, somehow, once you know what you want you tend to find them. Look up on the walls in antique stores/malls, I have seen them hung often above eye view.

  8. #8 - Maureclaire says:

    They aren't real deer heads, right ?

  9. #9 - Seth says:

    I'm trying to track down some plastic deer heads that I can repaint. I wanted full size ones. Wondering if you have any places I can look??

  10. #10 - Cathe Holden says:

    Hi Seth. The deer heads I have were mostly found through diligent, patient searches on ebay. Here is a link to an ebay seller that may have larger heads in polyresin:

    Hope this helps.

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  12. #11 - Ellyn says:

    As an animal lover, I’m not a big fan of stuffed heads on the wall, but deer heads as art – now that I can appreciate! These are beautiful. You are very creative. ellyn deuink

  13. #12 - Lindsy says:

    I love your sight. I have a stuffed moose head that is a stuffed animal mounted. Really cute. Anyway, I had to laugh when I read that you are married to Mr. Wonderful because I’m married to Mr. Wonderful, too. Maybe mine is Mr. Wonderful II! 🙂

  14. #13 - Giacomo says:

    Hi, i want to buy a deer head for my office (like the red one in the photo) and paint it myself. Where can i buy one? On ebay i’ve found a similar deer but costs too much (150 dollars)