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I felt crafty again and dug into my collection of vintage bottles. What started as a simple bottle decoration, quickly evolved into a shadow box idea. The box was actually the packaging from a recent glass supply purchase from an Etsy seller, (glass for my soldered jewelry). How fun to get a wooden box instead of cardboard. I have a very old and falling-apart book with handwriting in German (?) that appears to be related to gardening. Although the pages are slightly brittle, I was able to run a page through my desktop printer to add my name to a piece. The tiny frames are actually and old and grimy compact that had a mirror. I was able to simply rub off the silvering to create clear glass to frame a sweet little picture of a nest. I love nests. The whole concept of nests say parenting to me. I dug around and found some old sealing wax and sealing stamp with an H that I picked up somewhere years ago. I have a giant dictionary ripe for the picking (don’t worry, I only tear up books that are already quite damaged.) I tore from it the definition of family and glued scrap-booking type-writer buttons down the side. The nest is from my father-in-law’s vineyard in Sonoma that the kids brought home one day after picking grapes. The little egg was already cracked. I tried to preserve the good side of the egg, but unfortunately it broke as I was glueing it in place.

To me, the tiny egg symbolizes my sweet baby Grace, who at 8 months gestation died in utero 14 years ago today. Tomorrow will mark her birth. Still and forever in my heart and never forgotten.

I am so grateful to God for my precious, precious family.

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6 Responses to Shadow Box – Family

  1. #1 - woolies says:

    hi – ok, so you just made me cry.
    I stopped by to say thank you for your sweet comments on Henry, and found this awesome blog, with that one little comment at the end of the post…so sad.
    your blog is lovely…have to go read more

  2. #2 - Carey Lynn says:

    a sweet cozy nest, and heartbreaking to think of your loss with Grace.

  3. #3 - sugar panda says:

    how beautiful. very touching! <3

  4. #4 - Distressing Delilah says:

    God bless you..and baby grace.


    wonderful sentiment, very touching.

  6. #6 - Karen Beth says:

    How cool that an Etsy purchase was shipped in a wooden box. I love that too!

    And what a wonderful piece you have transformed it into! I love the colors, the nest and, especially, the beautiful symbolism of the egg.

    Nothing is better than art with meaning.