Fulfill Your Creative Purpose, with Ann Rea

I love graphic design. I love working within the craft industry- blogging, writing, developing, creating, teaching. And I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do all of the above for many years. But as life goes, sometimes we hit a wall. Hitting my wall brings up the questions, Where is all of this going? Am I satisfied? Am I making a difference? What is my purpose in any of this? And, of course, How can I make better money with my creativity?

Lately I’ve been watching and learning from various programs on CreativeLive, a very unique, interactive platform for speakers and participants in a wide range of creative workshops including craft, photography, video, design, business, audio, music, and software training. All high-quality courses streamed live to the Internet for free.JSIM-CreativeLiveI caught a few hours of the workshop, Make Money Making Art with Ann Rea, and was quite motivated by her message of Selling Art Without Selling Out.JSIM-CreativeLive_Ann_ReaI discovered that Ann had an upcoming 30-day workshop, Fulfilling Your Creative Purpose. I read the workshop description and could hardly believe how perfect this program could be for me. I applied to be an audience member/participant which requires commuting to San Francisco for in-studio filming, and lots of homework. I, along with four other Bay Area creatives, was chosen to participate.

JSIM-CreativeLive_Ann_Rea_FYCPBy becoming a participant, each of us will be opening up and revealing personal and difficult experiences in our lives- as we have each chosen to share our journey in order to represent so many others around the world who will follow the program along with us. Our group has already had just a bit of a head start in working together with Ann, and already I’ve been so greatly impacted. The full 30-day program begins LIVE on CreativeLive on December 2 and runs every weekday (with a brief break) until January 23. Register here for the 30-60 minute daily lessons, activities, and challenges. You can watch the full workshop for FREE as it airs, so be sure to block out the time. You can even interact with others from around the globe through the accompanying chat rooms.

Naturally, I’m nervous, as taking part in this workshop brings risks such as stepping way outside my comfort zone and sharing who and what I am, completely unedited, in front of a world-wide audience. But I know this is my time to find meaning and discover truths, and it’s with the hope that you will join me in this journey so we can each fulfill our creative purpose. It’s not going to be easy, I’m pretty sure there will be tears. But I already know, it’s going to be worth it.Cathe-Holden

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Paper House Luminaries with ButtonLovers.com

CH_JSIM_BL_House_Buttons_07In my most recent Inspired Barn workshop, attendees crafted and embellished lovely paper house luminaries that I designed similar to those I taught at last year’s Spellbound Event. However this time we decorated our houses with spectacular glass and crystal buttons and buckles sponsored by Blumenthal Lansing’s ButtonLovers.com.ButtonLovers.comCH_JSIM_BL_House_Buttons_01In previous workshops students were asked to gather and bring an assortment of vintage rhinestone, crystal and glass jewelry pieces to add sparkle to their luminaries. I also brought along a large assortment for sale that had taken months of searching, shopping, bidding and buying. So to have easy access online and in so many local stores for similarly beautiful new pieces can not only make gathering easier, the wide range of Blumenthal Lansing brands allows for so many gorgeous choices. And unlike most scrapbook embellishements, these buttons and buckles are of much higher quality for creating lasting heirloom pieces.CH_JSIM_BL_House_Buttons_02The ladies in both recent workshops used the buttons and buckles in many creative ways. CH_JSIM_BL_House_Buttons_03Buckles were slipped onto ribbon, or with bars snipped, used as sparkly window frames. CH_JSIM_BL_House_Buttons_04We used wire cutters to remove button shanks before gluing to the houses, or punched a small hole into the paper and slipped the shank into it, gluing in place to secure.CH_JSIM_BL_House_Buttons_05 Some students used flower shaped paper punches were used to cut out shapes that were glittered and buttons attached for additional bling effect. We decorated other sections of our houses with the glitter and finely ground mica flakes. Everyone made a set of three little luminaries and each was simply stunning!CH_JSIM_BL_House_Buttons_10Blumenthal Lansing has an enormous assortment of buttons and buckles besides the more formal ones we used, in fact they even carry many fun items on ButtonLovers.com  that are not buttons such as Boutique Appliques, Buckles and Closures, Button Art Kits, Buttons and Beads, Button Storage, Handbag Handles, Love Labels, and Photo Fabric. To find a store near you, click here for their retail partners. Visit ButtonLovers.com’s blog, community project gallery, Facebook page, and Instagram feed for a constant supply of inspiration and product promotions.

The Paper House Luminaries Kit is Now Available on Etsy for Instant Download!

CH_IB_Etsy_House_LuminariesIf you’d like to make these lovely Paper House Luminaries yourself, you can find the full Paper House Luminaries kit with photo instructions, and image & template printables for instant download in my Etsy store for only $10.

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Vintage Winter Photo Labels: FREE Printables

WL-CH-Winter-Photo-Labels_04 I’ve teamed up with my favorite label company again to bring you free wintertime printables designed from my collection of vintage photos. There are lots uses for these and I share a few in my post over at the WorldLabel.com blog. This set prints to full sheet label stock for trimming out individual labels.WL-CH-Winter-Photo-Labels_01 Head over to WorldLabel.com’s blog to see more and grab up the free digital download. And while you’re there, please share it with your friends, leave a comment, and start stuffing yourself a nice fat file folder full of the many, many fantastic free printable downloads designed by some pretty talented designers available only on the WL blog.

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