Found Object Pendants

Cathe-Holden_Crafting-Necklace-Pendants-from-Found-Objects-Image-3_October2015I really like having a large selection of occasional necklaces for accessorizing most any outfit. My necklace rack is filled with everything from store-bought costume jewelry necklaces and thrifted, vintage jewelry, to lovely artists’ handcrafted pieces. But I also have several pieces that I’ve whipped up a few necklaces myself the day I wanted to wear it using funky found pieces around the house and studio and a basic necklace chain.Cathe-Holden_Crafting-Necklace-Pendants-from-Found-Objects-Image-2_October2015 Check out my latest blog post at to see just how simple it is to make instant statement pendants from things you may already have!

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Creative Keeping SURVEY: Your Answers Needed!

Creative-Keeping_Cathe_HoldenHi Friends! I am presenting at Pinners Conference this November 6th and 7th in Salt Lake City. In order to put together the very best, informed presentation, I am asking for your help. Below is a survey related to your creative space, whether that’s plastic bins filled with supplies stored under your bed for occasional use, or a full room dedicated to creating. Even if you don’t have a designated creative space, your answers are very important to me. Please take a moment to complete the survey and know how much I appreciate your time.

I am hopeful you can come learn, create, and connect with me as Pinterest comes to life! Use my code JUSTSOMETHING and get 10% off registration.

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Vintage-Style Round Labels: Series 2

WorldLabel-CatheHolden2.5RoundLabelsXSeveral years ago I designed a set of round labels for They were so well received and shared that I figured it was time to create a second set of round label designs to complement the first.WorldLabel-CatheHolden2.5RoundLabelsAll Head over to the blog and download the free series PDF files to customize and print to label stock for using in so many ways from packaging goods to organizing your home, office, or studio. I’ve included images over there of a few fun ideas, including these puffy business cards!WorldLabel-CatheHolden2.5RoundLabels03

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